WeChat grows to giant steps

WeChat reaches to the kings of the Rede Social

Pony Ma, the president of the largest company in China, the Tencent, which provides internet for millions of people in China and, owner of the application for mobile devices WeChat has placed the company something more than 200,000 million dollars for the market value. Since the beginning of the year, its percentage gives increased 52% the value of their shares. Days ago, in a single day, rose 5.38 percent in the stock exchange of Hong Kong, arriving to the 170.50 Hong Kong dollars equivalent to approximately 22 US dollars.

WeChat reaches to the kings of social networks

In this way, the instant messaging application WeChat for computer, is in first position in terms of entertainment and social networks refers, reaching the $206,000 million, surpassing the company American Oracle, whose value is 190,000 million dolars also to the american Amazon.

Facebook and others look at backwards

 The owner of the market in social networks, the American Facebook, with a value of $230,000 million, is expectant to see what the Chinese giant Tencent is about them and it has been postulated as a large world. The same is happening to the giant of electronic commerce that Alibaba performs millions of sales on a daily basis and that is valued at 210,000 million dollars and that the past year started to quote on Wall Street.

WeChat reaches to the kings of social networks

China is on a winning streak, because almost all of its major companies in the technology sector are rising and are positioning themselves in the first posts of this sector. Tencent, Alibaba, Baidu and Xiaomi are those that are stronger and the pasting that in the not too distant future will arrive to the first posts. For these giants of the technology reach to these posts, they are more than 600 million people use their internet services more other 1000 million Smartphone users. With these millions of users, they also have the help of the Chinese government to veto, restrict and censor the competition such as Google, Facebook or Twitter.

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