Transparent clock.

Transparent clock.

Reloj transparente

The app Transparent clock & world weather application is a digital clock and weather forecast with all features and fully customizable.

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With this app you will have all that then you relate: 4 sizes of widget – 2×1, 4×1, 4×2 and 5×2, a few options widget skins (movies background for widget), plus a variety of films background icons for weather conditions (icon skins), has different font types for time and automatic (from you ends / wifi or GPS) or manual location (specified by the user) location. You can know the time and hour that exists in the world: display information about the time and local time for any number of different locations around the world as well as the temperature in Celsius or Fahrenheit, the period update the automatic or manual weather conditions.

A forecast detailed time includes the following: Local time and time zone (for location), at which time the sun rises and sets, as will last the day, current conditions and temperature, minimum and maximum daily temperatures, humidity and wind conditions, which phase the moon is that the weather will be for the next 4 days. Fund for the weather, depending on weather conditions and time (day / night), various widgets hotspot (all defined by the client to launch specific apps), can view system information in the widget (available memory in the terminals and on the SD card, WiFi or 3G status).

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I appreciate that notifies any problem, suggestion or request by email.

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