Time by time

Time by time


The app information leading weather in our country has been modernized with Android. Eltiempo.es offers the most reliable forecast for the next 14 days in more than 200,000 locations around the world with a completely new design.

El Tiempo por el tiempo-02


Stay informed about the weather will be wherever you are with the new home page with hourly forecast geographic location and style Material Design. You can access all sections of the most comprehensive weather app on Android from the side menu. You can also check the weather at all times with the widget new design, which will offer weather information without having to enter the application. It will let you know the weather will be in the school of your children, in the football stadium where the team plays or you plan your holiday at the time on the beach where you go with your friends.
You can also upload your own photos related to time using the app very easily and you can join our community of more than 200,000 web users if you wish.
Another advantage is that you can create your postcard Eltiempo.es: Customize your photos with geographic location weather information and share it with your friends on social networks. On the other hand, you could see minute by minute through the Twitter section in the application itself time. Besides hearing the weather forecast activating the sounds associated with the forecast for a fuller experience.


You’ll have a detailed weather forecast hour by hour for the next day, for the next 14 days with information on rainfall, temperature, wind chill, wind, clouds and atmospheric pressure. You can count on rainfall forecast maps, temperature, pressure, cloudiness for Spain, Europe, UK, France and Greece, as well as detailed information for Balearic and Canary Islands. You will see radar images and satellite for everyone. You will have all the weather information that will make the coast and sea with the prediction of waves, wind and water temperature, as well as maps of the 12 major coastal areas of Spain. You will see the official meteorological warning alerts waves, rain, etc. for all provinces and Spanish islands.
If you love to ski you will have all extended information about 1,586 ski resorts around the world and parts of snow for ski resorts in Spain, plus detailed information on points of interest such as airports, football stadiums, schools , bullrings, beaches, golf courses, etc.

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