Time and Radar – MORECAST

Time and Radar – MORECAST

Radar y tiempo Morecast
Do you want to find an app time Premium free?

Radar y tiempo Morecast
With the app time MORECAST you can enjoy your life to stop because offers you the time data more accurate for your current location. This app for Android devices free of charge gives you to know each time a weather forecast, weather radar, forecast to plan your Routes by car, motorcycle, bicycle or on foot, a new weather widget, webcams , etc. which will help you plan your day. MORECAST will be you new personal companion of the time that will tell you how long the probability of storm, rain or heat.
Stay informed about the time wherever you go with

Radar y tiempo Morecast

MORECAST, plus the following information:

1 – Information of the time in your exact location and the forecast for more than 28,000 meteorological stations global including Seville, Barcelona, Valencia and Madrid.

Radar y tiempo Morecast
2 – weather forecast hourly to the next 3, 7 and 14 days.
3 – Save your favorite locations or use your current location.
4 – Weather Widget optimized in different dimensions adjusting to each Android device.
5 – You will be able to share moments in time with your family , a couple or with your friends.
6 – allows you to compare the time between two different locations at the same time.
7- With the Navigation function weather, you will be able to know the weather will be at each point of your route while traveling by car, motorbike, bike or walking, in this way you are never unaware if it rains.
8- Live webcams that transmit of Seville, Barcelona, Valencia, Madrid and more than 40,000 locations around the world.
9 – Switch between metric and imperial units when you come well.

Parameters that you will find in the prediction of time:

Radar y tiempo Morecast
– Temperature: °C or °F, current temperature, the maximum and minimum of the day and a summary each time on a daily basis.
– Wind direction and speed in km/h, mph or kn.
– rainfall: Probability and amount of rain in mm or l/m².
– moisture: Displayed in a graph showing the % per hour.
– cloudiness: Cloud cover current and expected in % displayed on a simple graphic
– Sol: Learn about the duration of sunshine in minutes per hour and the exact time of the sunrise and the sunset each day.
– Atmospheric Pressure: In HPA per hour.
– UV Index: UV Index data each time by all the expected day.
¡ to these waiting to install this app now and receive free access to all data in the time for your exact location!


Radar y tiempo Morecast
MORECAST is an app time Premium that offers a complete information of the time in Seville, Barcelona, Valencia and Madrid as well as in any other place in the world. MORECAST uses data from different sources, including national services of time as AEMET as well as your own data on the network UBIMET. The data centers MORECAST offer these data using the technology race , i.e., the algorithm of prognosis more advanced in the world. Our team of meteorologists specialized works day and night to assured that you have the data with a high quality about meteorology in your terminal and you know in advance events of rain, storm, temperature and heat.

Radar y tiempo Morecast

MORECAST wants to become your personal companion time, hence that your data is private.

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