The Weather Channel

The Weather Channel

Weather Chanel

With The Weather Channel app you can make safer decisions based on the most accurate and reliable forecast available, as well as know the weather anywhere.

The Weather Channel has the following characteristics:

Weather Chanel

1 – Dynamic start screen: changes in the weather and time of day will depend on your current location, you can receive the current conditions and all the weather information you need.

– Forecasts: per hour, for 15 days and for the weekend, in metric, imperial or hybrid units of measure.

– Current weather conditions: you will know the temperature, the heat sensation, the humidity, the dew point, the sunrise and sunset time, wind speed, UV index, visibility and barometric pressure.

– Weather maps: fast loading radar maps showing past and future weather data. Map layers show road or satellite views, water temperature, wind speeds, snow coverage, features vary by region.


2 – Real-time custom weather alerts

– Adverse weather alerts: stays protected with notifications from the national weather service regarding adverse weather conditions, and you can instantly know when warning warnings and severe storm monitoring.

– Rain alerts: this will never surprise you with pus alerts you in real time for your location based on GPS and with rainy morning reports for your favorite locations (North America and Western Europe only).

It’s easy and free!

3 – Dive into your time status

Weather Chanel

– Social Time Network: Have photos, share the incredible time you’re enjoying, and report directly to us, which will help others keep track of the time ahead.

-Temperatures remote 24 hours, 7 days a week: occupy your notification bar with the current temperatures of your favorite locations around the world.

Weather Chanel

– Widgets of the time: we have widgets available in 1×1, 2×2, 1×4 and 4×4.

– Attractive interface: it is very simple to use and beautiful for its simplicity.

– Incredible images: the extraordinary background photographs match the current weather conditions.

Weather Chanel

– With love for your Android tablet: the best weather weather app and the best widgets are compatible for Android tablets.

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