The Time in

The time in

El Tiempo

With the app of “The Time of” you will be able to know everything related to predicting the time of 7 days of more than 10,000 localities. With a single gesture you can see the actual time of each city or add new locations to your favorites from the map of the time.

El Tiempo en

The app has animated images with the forecasts of Temperatures and weather conditions of the State Agency for Meteorology to 8,000 locations in Spain and 2,000 in the rest of the World, where you can see the trend and maximum temperatures and Minimum requirements for the next seven days in each one of them as well as the Videos of the time issued in Spanish Television.

El tiempo en
The app The time in identified automatically the place where is located the terminal from where you query and displays the default time that you make in this locality.

El Tiempo en

But if what you want is to see the forecast in any other place in Spain or in the world, a quick and easy search will allow you to find in a very simple manner the 10,000 localities included and save a list of favorites.

El tiempo en

It also includes the ability to view the photographs that have been published by the customers in the time in TVE and also send images directly  from your terminal.

El tiempo

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