State of the time climate today

State of the time climate today 

Estado del tiempo
The app forecast of the Widget for all days and time: a weather widget simple and easy to use. With it you can obtain meteorological data and clock conveniently in addition to give you information about the local climate, as accurate the highest temperature / lower and the current weather conditions.

The Time 7 days widget is a apps for free with meteorological information for Spain and the rest of the world and it is compatible with any terminal or tablet of any version of Android. Account with a modern design based on material design to see the time quick and easy.


Estado del tiempo

Estado del tiempo
1 – Customize your app with your favorite cities: Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Seville, Bilbao, Malaga, A Coruña and other abroad such as Paris, London, Brussels, Rome, New York… We have more than 20,000 locations (including ski) in Spain and more than 450,000 localities throughout the world!
2 – Uses the search by location WIFI and GPS to find the location nearest to your current position.
3 – Customize your device through our widgets, placed the temperature in the Notifications bar and displays the data in a variety of international formats example: celsius fahrenheit or Kelvin.
4 – download this application and you will have the opportunity to use an app that is between the limited selection with Google integration now, so you can receive cards of the time 14 days in your Google now.


Estado del tiempo
1 – In the screen of prediction daily you can see the current time and the main data of the next 7 days. Browse your localities with a simple slide with your finger and recalls that the app changes color automatically with the temperature.
2 – Choose a day to view the detailed information for hours as the atmospheric pressure, temperature, wind speed and direction, rain, thermal sensation, humidity, sunrise and sunset and even the phases of the moon.
3 – Turn your mobile and checks the evolution of climate with our graph.

Alerts and Notifications

Estado de -tiempo
1 – You can see weather alerts in Spain, France, Germany, Portugal, United Kingdom, Netherlands or Italy.
2 – Account with the option of receiving notifications of daily alerts in the provinces of your locations automatically without having to open the application
3 – Alarm of rain or other weather conditions you want (storms, hail, etc).
4 – Our Wizard will indicate significant changes for the next few days.


Estado del tiempo
1 – Once you have installed the time 7 days widget you can customize the desktop of your terminal or tablet with the widgets more current and you can see the prediction current each hour and the next 5 days.
2 – You can choose between four widgets different: 4×1, 4×2 and 2×2 (widget Analog Clock) and our new widget 4×2 with digital clock and current information.


Estado del tiempo
1 – is available for Spain, France, United Kingdom, Germany, Portugal, Netherlands, Italy, United States, Canada, Mexico, Chile, Argentina, Brazil, Australia, Russia and many more.
2 – Languages: Spanish, French, English, Catalan, Danish, German, Suomi, Norsk , Nederlands, Svenska, Romanian, Turkish, Italian, Português,Russian, Polish…

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