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Line B612 Photo editing app

If you like the Selfies, already you can run to download the new application that line has been drawn, thus expanding the great family Line.

As well as other applications of photography, type Instagram, Snapseed or Aviary, the filters do extraordinary work, and how could not be otherwise in the new app Line B612. Emoji Keyboard Line and calling the application, you will have, as we have commented previously from around 3000 Emojis and stickers for your conversations are not as boring as until now.

As we discussed earlier, B612 has born exclusively to make Selfies, but only using the camera on the front of your smartphone, to immediately use the filters built into the app, and for that you will not only stay with this, you can also share your photos on your favorite social networks.

Line B612 Photo editing app

Infinite Filters

Enters the app, do yourself a Selfie and slide your finger along the bottom of the touch screen of your smartphone to be able to move around the filter menu. B612 contains 50 filters with approximately. Within the filter menu, you will be able to see the effect of the filter size reduced, so that you can choose the one you like more.

Tools and fun, Infinite Filters

Tools and fun

But the filters aren’t the only thing that gives you B612, also gives you the possibility of creating mosaics with Sefies you make. You can combine a maximum of nine pictures to make a composition or tile to your shots are the most beautiful possible.

You thought that everything was already? It was still reading. B612 incorporates other tools that you make your life easier. With Tilt Shift you can act and change the field of depth of your Selfie or photography, giving a special touch. The timer is also something that one misses in smartphones, for this reason, B612 has decided to include it in your app, for you can grab the Selfies easily and at distances previously impossible.

Tools and fun Line B612 Photo editing app

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