Crossy Road, he was run over by a lorry in Android and iOS

Jumps, runs and crosses the street

There are games that do not go out of fashion, I remember when i was small and he was starting the fever by the video-games, my parents bought me a Nintendo console type, with black and white screen, where a frog had to jump from trunk to trunk until you reach the other side of the river, the difficulty increases when you got to the other side of the river varies times in a row without dying any time. Because here is a game of the same features, but modernised and changing the characters.

Crossy Road brings nothing new to the games for your smartphone, but has created such addiction among users of mobile platforms that downloads of this game have gone in progressive increase, either in IOS as in Android.

Crossy Road, he was run over by a lorry in Android  and iOS

Careful, not being rolled

┬áIt is not a game with great graphics, it is not a game with an infinity of colors, but if that is a very addictive game with its simple mechanical movements and their easy, you don’t need the mind puzzling fingers tightening the screen, only a little patience and a little luck to reach the other side of the street to get score to unlock new characters. You’ll have to attempt a crossing streets full of trucks, cars, as well as crossing railroad tracks by the which trains at high speed. You’ll have to go with much care waiting for all the vehicles pass and you have a gap to pass without being hit.

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