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Crossy Road, he was run over by a lorry in Android and iOS

Jumps, runs and crosses the street

There are games that do not go out of fashion, I remember when i was small and he was starting the fever by the video-games, my parents bought me a Nintendo console type, with black and white screen, where a frog had to jump from trunk to trunk until you reach the other side of the river, the difficulty increases when you got to the other side of the river varies times in a row without dying any time. Because here is a game of the same features, but modernised and changing the characters.

Crossy Road brings nothing new to the games for your smartphone, but has created such addiction among users of mobile platforms that downloads of this game have gone in progressive increase, either in IOS as in Android.

Crossy Road, he was run over by a lorry in Android  and iOS

Careful, not being rolled

 It is not a game with great graphics, it is not a game with an infinity of colors, but if that is a very addictive game with its simple mechanical movements and their easy, you don’t need the mind puzzling fingers tightening the screen, only a little patience and a little luck to reach the other side of the street to get score to unlock new characters. You’ll have to attempt a crossing streets full of trucks, cars, as well as crossing railroad tracks by the which trains at high speed. You’ll have to go with much care waiting for all the vehicles pass and you have a gap to pass without being hit.

FireChat, speaks, chat and share photos offline

FireChat, speaks, chat and share

FireChat. The new app that offered to us by the guys at Open Garden is an instant messaging app as can be Whatsapp, Line, Wechat, Viber, Telegraph and many others that we do not know but that are borne by the stores of google as the Apple. At first glance looks like a messaging application, the fact is that it is exactly what we are trying to, but with several variants that will make users always feel connected even if coverage is nil or deficient.

FireChat a new app that tries to get to convince some users of the binomial WhatsApp for Samsung , the union almost perfect WhatsApp with Samsung that has the best Android Market.

Firechat speak and share

With Firechat no matter the connection

If you have listened well, with FireChat you can send messages without data connection or Wifi with your Smartphone or tablet. Luckily for users, you can find this application in the Play Store of google and Apple Appstore. Its price is the best of all, if this app does what is says, it will be a new way to communicate with everyone without having hired a data packet. As I said, the price of the app is free, yes, absolutely free.

Firechat with out conection

Discovering Firechat

As is usual in all the app’s the first thing to do is register. The method that uses FireChat is simple and clear, you enter your name, your nick and your email and automatically display a list of people, called “discover” to follow and begin having conversations with them. FireChat, we also have the possibility to talk about anything you want with people that is in close proximity to us at a distance of between 40 and 70 meters away, as if of a normal conversation. As a third option, is the button “firehat”, which is simply to begin to talk of the conversation that this at the moment, you can go from politics to sex.

Create your own chats with FireChat

These are the three default options that brings the application FireChat, but we ourselves can create a chat with very easily depending on the item you want to discuss in the conversation, and can go from a character of today, your football team or up to be able to be with people to go to enjoy a drink, not oporque, arrange girlfriend/or. FireChat asks you to turn the location in order to offer you different conversations created by other users closest to your location and be able to interact with them.

No connection, if you talk about

Framework Multipeer Connectivity is what uses FireChat to afford to send their messages without an internet connection, the drawback is that not all the smartphone’s can use this app, because it uses the power of the IOS 7/8 of Apple that it has the connectivity Multipeer. The way to do this is via wifi or bluetooth which connects the devices among them; that is, it creates a network between the smartphone’s that use this app. Say that against more users are connected to the app, you’ll have more coverage and further afield can reach your messages.

In conclusion, a good app if it develops in a way that is efficient, we can draw from a trouble anywhere in the world be able to send messages without connecting to the internet.

3NDER for Android available in the 2015

3nder for Android. Three better than two

3nder. Just begin by saying that something more than 1000,000 facilities in smartphones/tablets in two months is a record that few apps can boast of this, and much more if your availability for now is to iOS of Apple, but calm down, at the beginning of the year (2015) is expected in the Play Store for Android devices. With the emergence of this app, say the understood that is going to change the way we communicate and to have sexual intercourse. The mediation to organize trios sexual in a consensual manner among older people, communicate between users finding matches, share the most intimate desires and intimate face-to-face is what this app offers us. According to the portal HuffPost Gay Voices ” 90% of the votes so far are, by far, hiperpositivas”. Dimo Trifonov the author of 3nder, says that this app will revolutionize the sexual life of users to use, therefore we cannot ignore the data that gives us, because after two months of its output to the market, there have been 21,000 compatibilities between the more than one hundred thousand registered users and over 8 million searches.

3nder for android

The record in 3nder is the important

Thing once registered, you must refine your sex, what you’re looking for, then to find that third person that will integrate the trio. You can be solero and search for two people to transform your fantasies, as well as be in couple and searching for the missing an integral and to fit your desires. We must make it clear that no matter what your sexual orientation or status, because what we are trying to do with this app, according to its creator is not another thing that ” …try to do an open society about the wishes”, “We only want people have fun, because sex is pleasure, but the love is unique”.

The final decision is yours

It is quite clear, that in the end, the decision of the sexual intercourse, is due only to the persons involved, since the only thing that conceives 3nder is to offer these people a different way of creating links and communication.