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Google Snapseed is updated with great success

 A picture editor easy and excellent

 The photo editors for the mobile devices are widely used by users of smartphones. Today we are talking about one of the most downloaded for editing photos, implementation of Google call Snapseed. With hundreds of options and many other filters, Snapseed is one of my favorites. I have to say that I have downloaded dozens of app’s that edited photos, but this remains my favorite, but its use is the most intuitive and your options are greatly achieved.

Snapseed of Google is updated with great success

 With this renewal, the first thing we see is the new aesthetic of the icon, still more minimalist and announcing what we re going to find inside this great app. With the new version 0.2.4152, we will have to change the way that we had to use the app, because your home screen has been reduced to only have the option to “Open photo” and full-screen, unlike the previous version, which opened up the home screen with a picture of a tree and with several tools and filters to choose from.

Begins to edit and to enjoy

 By clicking on the button “Open photo”, opens the last photo that we have done and that is stored in the library of our iPhone. It should be noted that Snapseed has within your app the ability to take pictures without having to use other applications for this. My opinion is that even if you have this option, I have always used applications beyond this for taking pictures.

Snapseed of google is updated with great success

 Until here, everything can be considered normal, but once you open the chosen photography, are impressed by the radical change that they have done. We can see the features and tools at the bottom of the screen, only we will see a button with the plus sign (+) , with which does not give access to the tools and different editing options. It should be noted that in the bottom left a histogram, which gives us information about the photo, that with a simple click it can be hidden.

 All equal, same filters

 Behind all the filters and tools that offers Snapseed, remain all the filters and options that had the previous version, therefore Google has not made any new addition in the field of filters, only have done a face-lift to the application. In the top left there is a question mark ( ?) which shows you how to edit the pictures.

Google Snapseed is updated with great success

 Improvements in the saving of the photos

 From the same photo and clicking on the filter or tool is deployed the menu with the different filters. By moving your finger on the screen to the right we will make the filter is more intensity or on the contrary, if you glide to the left we’ll remove the intensity filter, just as you did in the previous app.

Some of the best applications

 Snapseed is without any doubt one of the best applications for photo editing, because the dozens of options and filters make it that you have a wide range to have a good photo album.

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