Android Emulator

What is the Android emulator?

The Android emulator is like a virtual machine that allows users through devices, that do not work with the Android operating system, can download and install mobile apps.

The Android emulator has made posible that nowadays millions of people around the world can enjoy from your own computer any app designed for mobile devices without the need of owning a last generation mobile phone or a tablet.

The Android emulator has opened a door to the world of mobile apps for such reach more users from other devices. One of the most well-known Android emulators is BlueStacks App Player which offers two versions: BlueStacks for Windows and BlueStacks for Mac.

Why install BlueStacks Android emulator?

If BlueStacks has gained something, is the confidence of both users and developers of mobile apps. Currently, BlueStacks has surpassed 50 million downloads and has a console service called GamePop so you can also enjoy the top mobile apps on the big screen, the TV.

BlueStacks Android emulator is very easy to install too, both for the Windows version and the Mac version. And also, BlueStacks is totally free.

If you want to know more about what steps you must take to install this Android emulator, connect to BlueStacks Mac and already enjoy what gives you BlueStacks on your pc.

What apps can be installed with BlueStacks?

With BlueStacks you can enjoy any mobile app for Android: games, social networking, instant messaging apps, …

Now you can also have your favourite apps on your computer: do not miss the chance to play the most popular games (Candy Crush, Pou, Clash of Clans, Farm Heroes, My Talking Tom, Pet Rescue, Geometry Dash, …) or to communicate with your loved ones via the most used worldwide instant messaging apps (such as WhatsApp, Line, WeChat, Tango, Viber, …).

All the apps you install through BlueStacks, you will ever have at your fingertips on your section “All Apps” of the emulator, so you can enjoy them whenever you want. And remember, you do not need a smartphone for it.

So what are you waiting for? Download the Android emulator on your computer and start to install your preferred mobile apps with BlueStacks. A new world of possibilities opens before Android app Developers, they see as their new developments can be run on computers thanks to the emulators Android for PC.

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