3NDER for Android available in the 2015

3nder for Android. Three better than two

3nder. Just begin by saying that something more than 1000,000 facilities in smartphones/tablets in two months is a record that few apps can boast of this, and much more if your availability for now is to iOS of Apple, but calm down, at the beginning of the year (2015) is expected in the Play Store for Android devices. With the emergence of this app, say the understood that is going to change the way we communicate and to have sexual intercourse. The mediation to organize trios sexual in a consensual manner among older people, communicate between users finding matches, share the most intimate desires and intimate face-to-face is what this app offers us. According to the portal HuffPost Gay Voices ” 90% of the votes so far are, by far, hiperpositivas”. Dimo Trifonov the author of 3nder, says that this app will revolutionize the sexual life of users to use, therefore we cannot ignore the data that gives us, because after two months of its output to the market, there have been 21,000 compatibilities between the more than one hundred thousand registered users and over 8 million searches.

3nder for android

The record in 3nder is the important

Thing once registered, you must refine your sex, what you’re looking for, then to find that third person that will integrate the trio. You can be solero and search for two people to transform your fantasies, as well as be in couple and searching for the missing an integral and to fit your desires. We must make it clear that no matter what your sexual orientation or status, because what we are trying to do with this app, according to its creator is not another thing that ” …try to do an open society about the wishes”, “We only want people have fun, because sex is pleasure, but the love is unique”.

The final decision is yours

It is quite clear, that in the end, the decision of the sexual intercourse, is due only to the persons involved, since the only thing that conceives 3nder is to offer these people a different way of creating links and communication.

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