3D Weather Forecast Graphic

3D Weather Forecast Graphic

3D Weather Forecast Graphic is an application for Smartwatch. This has many functions and feature. Has a monthly calendar, predictions of the day, compass, measure of average temperature and many things more.

With this app you will know the time in an instant!

You can configure it and adjust it with more than 30 different languages.
This application comes to be as a player of the time with the following features:
• This player from the time we also serves as a Calendar

• gives you the information about the current temperature, the average temperature and other meteorological information.

• We also can serve as an alarm or alert of alterations in the weather or temperature so sharp

Part of all of this we also provides information on the humidity, wind speed, the sunset and the dawn of time, etc…  Not only that but you can also know the meteorological information from any city in the world!

You will have all the predictions in real time!

I with models and different units available. Nor occupies much in the memory of the Smartwatch or any device or depletes much the battery so that is very efficient.
We can find different styles of areas of time as the classic HTC, Sony Style, style Samsung and Google. Also other as widgets of simplistic or minimalist designs with very elegant.


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