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Weather forecast and Radar

Weather forecast and Radar


The app Weather forecast and Radar is a simple to use powerful weather station. Animated weather radar in real time on a highly interactive and enhanced with alerts for severe weather events map images provide accurate weather forecast. Do not let bad weather take you by surprise!


This beautiful and intuitive app gives you the weather conditions in real time, and provides all the weather information you need: current temperature and wind chill, minimum and maximum of the day, precipitation and moisture information, changes in pressure, speed and wind direction, visibility data and much more. A reliable and accurate weather radar keeps track of recent changes in climate for you to make a safe trip.

Give a quick look at the current weather conditions or go to the next level, takes full advantage of the functionality of the app first category:

1- Weather radar  animated in real time on an interactive terrain map or satellite TV, improved weather warnings and notices which will respond to the needs of the most demanding customers. Rain, snow, gusty or just cloudy … With this app you’ll be prepared for any weather.

2 – Meteorological short (24 hours) and long term (7 days) of any location you choose forecasts.


Customize the weather forecast to your liking.

Choose the information you want to receive: thermal sensation, pressure, humidity, rainfall data. Adds or deletes the time of sunrise and sunset.


Sets the measurement units of your choice:

– Pressure in inches, mm, kPa or mbar.

– Fahrenheit / Celsius and miles / kilometers.

– Wind speed in mph, km / h, m / s, knots or Beaufort.

Simple search locations:

Discover time there in the city where you are or elsewhere in the world. Bookmarked locations will help you to quickly switch between your favorite places and see the weather today or tomorrow to know the prognosis.

Overlay radar data, satellite and rainfall:

Tracking rain and snow in real time or data mixed precipitation and clouds in high resolution and vivid colors.


customizable layers:

Select background maps, the number of frames and adjust the opacity and the speed at which the animation of the layers is repeated.

Weather forecast and Radar is a complete weather station you can have on your Smartphone!

Coverage information:

Radar images are available for USA (continental United States, Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico), Canada, Australia, European Union (United Kingdom, Ireland, Germany, France, Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Liechtenstein, Italy (Western), Denmark (southeast), (Western) Poland, Austria (west) and the Czech Republic) and Japan.

The precipitation map, satellite images and detailed weather information is available worldwide

Live Free Time

Live Free Time


Discover the most wonderful and all new app: Time Live.


Do not let bad weather surprise you, this app can define animated backgrounds attractions with weather conditions in real time on your home screen, as well as being informed of the time waiting for you: if it is cloudy, raining, snowing or even if there is a storm outside. With the app Weather Live you will know current weather conditions and forecast in your city and in many parts of the world.

If the weather is cold or warm, it will come alive magically on the bright screen of your terminal. You will not have to look out the window as Weather Live Concert will make you feel like you’re out! With an innovative technology Weather Live ™ implemented in the app, we have made it possible!

The app Weather Live ™ also has the following characteristics:

1- Weather forecasts for different parts of the world

2 – Live weather scenes showing real-time weather conditions Interesting


3- weather widgets

4 – sexy anime Wallpaper with live weather conditions on your home screen

5 – Maps clouds, satellite and rain. animated weather radar for anywhere from USA Available through integrated purchase

6 – Local Time format 12 or 24 hours


7 – Adjustable Designs forecast long and short term, text only

8 – Weather forecast of 7 days and 24 hours

9 – Temperature “temperature”. Minimum and maximum today

10 – Direction and wind speed. Visibility data

11- Information rainfall and humidity. Pressure in inches, mm or mbar

12 – Fahrenheit or Celsius, plus distances in miles or kilometers.

13 – Easy navigation between cities: swipe left or right to switch between locations.

14 – Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia or any other location in the world – Get accurate weather forecasts wherever you are!

This app is compatible with Android Wear: tested in Moto 360, Sony Smartwatch 3 Samsung Gear Live, LG G Watch.


Get Weather Live and be prepared for any weather!

Weather and Temperature

Weather and Temperature


With time and temperature app you can check on Android devices and tablets all weather information from anywhere in the world for free. You will know whether or not he will make a good time anywhere and anytime. You can set up alerts to warn you of the weather that interest you.

You’ll have a forecasting and weather forecasting in more than 200,000 cities around the world with comprehensive and detailed information for the next 14 days, besides weather maps: Spain and its coasts, Balearic Islands, Europe and the World.


Notifications: In the “Settings” section you will find the “Notifications” feature, it lets you create customized depending on conditions and cities that interest you alerts.

Entertainment: Information about skiing, beaches and future events with the weather forecast for that day and the next few hours, so you are forewarned the weather will before going to the concert of your favorite band, hiking, going to the beach, etc.

national ads. You can filter them all available or relative to your current position or your favorite cities.


Consultation free time and the weather forecast for more than 200,000 cities around the world with comprehensive and detailed information for the next 14 days.

Installs this application and forget to bring an umbrella to all sites or fill your suitcase “just in case”!

The Time

   The Time

El tiempo

The app time Sony Xperia ™ is simple to use and gives you a current weather information, shows you information wind, humidity and maximum temperature and the minimum of where you are, besides the thermal sensation. For best use you just have to set up and run your finger to easily switch between different locations. Widget has the app is very easy to use.


You will be informed about the weather situation of multiple locations, Celsius and Fahrenheit.

El tiempo

This app uses analysis software to collect and aggregate statistics in order to help us improve the application and our services. None of this information can be used to identify you.


3D Weather Forecast Graphic

3D Weather Forecast Graphic

3D Weather Forecast Graphic is an application for Smartwatch. This has many functions and feature. Has a monthly calendar, predictions of the day, compass, measure of average temperature and many things more.

With this app you will know the time in an instant!

You can configure it and adjust it with more than 30 different languages.
This application comes to be as a player of the time with the following features:
• This player from the time we also serves as a Calendar

• gives you the information about the current temperature, the average temperature and other meteorological information.

• We also can serve as an alarm or alert of alterations in the weather or temperature so sharp

Part of all of this we also provides information on the humidity, wind speed, the sunset and the dawn of time, etc…  Not only that but you can also know the meteorological information from any city in the world!

You will have all the predictions in real time!

I with models and different units available. Nor occupies much in the memory of the Smartwatch or any device or depletes much the battery so that is very efficient.
We can find different styles of areas of time as the classic HTC, Sony Style, style Samsung and Google. Also other as widgets of simplistic or minimalist designs with very elegant.





The app 1Weather is the most interesting feature-rich Android Time we had seen so far – Lifehacker, Android Police. 1Weather is a game changer, App Gorgeous weather – Android static.


The app 1Weather has a modern and attractive new look in their mobile weather experience. His polished, customizable, design full of features that differentiates it from other apps of time, also free. Look at the recommendations and see why 1Weather is new in terms of application time.



1 – The app 1Weather is real-time weather and forecasts for virtually any location in the world (current + 48 hours)

2 – Get to know the extended forecast and precipitation information for 7 days

3 – Follow my location: it can update with time when you’re on the move

4 – it has a LIVE animated radar and severe weather warnings (US and Canada only) Layers

5 – You will meet air quality and UV cards

6 – Nearby weather-related tweets and photos

7 – Sunrise, Sunset, Moonrise, Moonset and Lunar stage

8 – It allows you to save multiple locations to access quickly and easily

9 – Gorgeous widget you can add to your home screen

10 – Share weather information with family and friends via email, text, Twitter, Facebook, etc.

11- Customize multiple weather history


Note: Removed permits personal record.

Visit the website 1Weather

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