The Weather Channel

The Weather Channel

Weather Chanel

With The Weather Channel app you can make safer decisions based on the most accurate and reliable forecast available, as well as know the weather anywhere.

The Weather Channel has the following characteristics:

Weather Chanel

1 – Dynamic start screen: changes in the weather and time of day will depend on your current location, you can receive the current conditions and all the weather information you need.

– Forecasts: per hour, for 15 days and for the weekend, in metric, imperial or hybrid units of measure.

– Current weather conditions: you will know the temperature, the heat sensation, the humidity, the dew point, the sunrise and sunset time, wind speed, UV index, visibility and barometric pressure.

– Weather maps: fast loading radar maps showing past and future weather data. Map layers show road or satellite views, water temperature, wind speeds, snow coverage, features vary by region.


2 – Real-time custom weather alerts

– Adverse weather alerts: stays protected with notifications from the national weather service regarding adverse weather conditions, and you can instantly know when warning warnings and severe storm monitoring.

– Rain alerts: this will never surprise you with pus alerts you in real time for your location based on GPS and with rainy morning reports for your favorite locations (North America and Western Europe only).

It’s easy and free!

3 – Dive into your time status

Weather Chanel

– Social Time Network: Have photos, share the incredible time you’re enjoying, and report directly to us, which will help others keep track of the time ahead.

-Temperatures remote 24 hours, 7 days a week: occupy your notification bar with the current temperatures of your favorite locations around the world.

Weather Chanel

– Widgets of the time: we have widgets available in 1×1, 2×2, 1×4 and 4×4.

– Attractive interface: it is very simple to use and beautiful for its simplicity.

– Incredible images: the extraordinary background photographs match the current weather conditions.

Weather Chanel

– With love for your Android tablet: the best weather weather app and the best widgets are compatible for Android tablets.

GO Weather Forecast & Widgets

GO Weather Forecast & Widgets

Go Time

The GO Weather Prediction and Widgets app has been used by more than 50 million customers, provides precise, current and future weather information.

Features of GO Weather Forecast and Widgets:

Go Time

1 – Time and clock widgets: with it you can check very easily the current and future weather information through widget.

2 – Current weather information: will keep you informed of the real-time weather, including real-time weather and temperature, precipitation, UV index, humidity, visibility, pressure, pollen levels, etc.

3 – Weather / daily forecast: it will give you a detailed weather forecast, weather forecast, highest / lowest temperature, precipitation, wind, etc. You can check all the details that are detailed on each day or even hourly.

Go Time

4 – Weather Alerts: reports real-time alerts and warnings.

5 – Precipitation forecast: you will know if you should carry an umbrella or not.

6- Wind forecast: you will know the current and future wind strength as well as the direction information of the wind.

Go Time

7 – Map and radar: will teach you the dynamic images of interactive maps, radar and satellite.

8 – Health and sports: you will know the local health information of your area, and the suitability for the realization of different outdoor activities.

9 – Share: share your current weather with incredible images.

 Outstanding Features of GO Weather Forecast and Widgets

Go Time

1 – Precise: GO Weather Forecast and Widgets provides a very professional and accurate weather service for more than 200,000 locations worldwide

2 – Simple: client interface, concise and very simple to use.

3- Custom: provides different weather widgets in different sizes, more than 100 custom themes (weather widget themes and dynamic backgrounds with reflecting weather).

Go Time

Supported Languages: Arabic, Bulgarian, Chinese, Czech, Danish, Dutch. English. Filipino, French, German, Greek, Indian, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese. Korean, Lithuanian, Malaysian, Persian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Serbian, Slovenian, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish, Ukrainian, Viet Nam among others.

Weather Spain XL PRO

Weather Spain XL PRO

Españaa tiempo The best application of the time has arrived for your region, Spain and the rest of the world, in it you will find the following:

Espana tiempo

1- Attractive and realistic animations of the weather conditions

2 – Consultation more quickly the time awaits us

3-Account with permanent updates

4 – Accurate weather forecast for the next 10 days

5 – It is a fast app, attractive and easy to use

España tiempo

6 – Detailed forecasts of rainfall, frost, snowfall, fog, wind, storms, dew point, UV radiation level, humidity and pressure

7 – Maximum and minimum historical values

8 – Animations on satellite maps and radar

9 – Design adapted to terminals and tablets

10 – Live Wallpaper

España tiempo

11 – The weather in the notification area and the temperature in the status bar

12 – Wonderful widget for the home screen

And the best is a free app. What are you waiting for! Try it now!

España tiempo

Cities: Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Valencia, Seville, Zaragoza, Malaga, Murcia, Palma de Mallorca, Bilbao, Cordoba and all the others

Keywords: weather, part, simple, meteo, fast, animation, satellite, radar, beautiful, rain, frost, snow, storm

The Time in

The time in

El Tiempo

With the app of “The Time of” you will be able to know everything related to predicting the time of 7 days of more than 10,000 localities. With a single gesture you can see the actual time of each city or add new locations to your favorites from the map of the time.

El Tiempo en

The app has animated images with the forecasts of Temperatures and weather conditions of the State Agency for Meteorology to 8,000 locations in Spain and 2,000 in the rest of the World, where you can see the trend and maximum temperatures and Minimum requirements for the next seven days in each one of them as well as the Videos of the time issued in Spanish Television.

El tiempo en
The app The time in identified automatically the place where is located the terminal from where you query and displays the default time that you make in this locality.

El Tiempo en

But if what you want is to see the forecast in any other place in Spain or in the world, a quick and easy search will allow you to find in a very simple manner the 10,000 localities included and save a list of favorites.

El tiempo en

It also includes the ability to view the photographs that have been published by the customers in the time in TVE and also send images directly  from your terminal.

El tiempo

Time and Radar – MORECAST

Time and Radar – MORECAST

Radar y tiempo Morecast
Do you want to find an app time Premium free?

Radar y tiempo Morecast
With the app time MORECAST you can enjoy your life to stop because offers you the time data more accurate for your current location. This app for Android devices free of charge gives you to know each time a weather forecast, weather radar, forecast to plan your Routes by car, motorcycle, bicycle or on foot, a new weather widget, webcams , etc. which will help you plan your day. MORECAST will be you new personal companion of the time that will tell you how long the probability of storm, rain or heat.
Stay informed about the time wherever you go with

Radar y tiempo Morecast

MORECAST, plus the following information:

1 – Information of the time in your exact location and the forecast for more than 28,000 meteorological stations global including Seville, Barcelona, Valencia and Madrid.

Radar y tiempo Morecast
2 – weather forecast hourly to the next 3, 7 and 14 days.
3 – Save your favorite locations or use your current location.
4 – Weather Widget optimized in different dimensions adjusting to each Android device.
5 – You will be able to share moments in time with your family , a couple or with your friends.
6 – allows you to compare the time between two different locations at the same time.
7- With the Navigation function weather, you will be able to know the weather will be at each point of your route while traveling by car, motorbike, bike or walking, in this way you are never unaware if it rains.
8- Live webcams that transmit of Seville, Barcelona, Valencia, Madrid and more than 40,000 locations around the world.
9 – Switch between metric and imperial units when you come well.

Parameters that you will find in the prediction of time:

Radar y tiempo Morecast
– Temperature: °C or °F, current temperature, the maximum and minimum of the day and a summary each time on a daily basis.
– Wind direction and speed in km/h, mph or kn.
– rainfall: Probability and amount of rain in mm or l/m².
– moisture: Displayed in a graph showing the % per hour.
– cloudiness: Cloud cover current and expected in % displayed on a simple graphic
– Sol: Learn about the duration of sunshine in minutes per hour and the exact time of the sunrise and the sunset each day.
– Atmospheric Pressure: In HPA per hour.
– UV Index: UV Index data each time by all the expected day.
¡ to these waiting to install this app now and receive free access to all data in the time for your exact location!


Radar y tiempo Morecast
MORECAST is an app time Premium that offers a complete information of the time in Seville, Barcelona, Valencia and Madrid as well as in any other place in the world. MORECAST uses data from different sources, including national services of time as AEMET as well as your own data on the network UBIMET. The data centers MORECAST offer these data using the technology race , i.e., the algorithm of prognosis more advanced in the world. Our team of meteorologists specialized works day and night to assured that you have the data with a high quality about meteorology in your terminal and you know in advance events of rain, storm, temperature and heat.

Radar y tiempo Morecast

MORECAST wants to become your personal companion time, hence that your data is private.

Yahoo Time

Yahoo Time

Yahoo Tiempo

The praised app of Yahoo time is available for Android and possesses extraordinary pictures that are in accordance with the conditions of the present time and a totally new design with a great diversity of new features. The time like they never had seen it. Slide your finger to see very simple way the weather forecasts or more precise adds a widget to the home screen to view the information in the more recent time. Wherever you go, the forecast is excellent.

Yahoo Tiempo

Favorite Features:

Yahoo Tiempo
1 – Design highly commended with extraordinary images that are adjusted to the location, the time of day and the situation of the current time
2 – Information of the time detailed that includes forecasts for 10 days and 24 hours
3 – Interactive Maps of radar, satellite, heat and wind
4 – Alerts serious climatic
5 – Hours lively of sunrise and sunset, and modules of wind and pressure
6 – Moisture Sensor, UV index and probability of precipitation
7 – New widgets to the home screen


Yahoo Tiempo
1 – Slide vertically to view the detailed information of the time
2 – Slide horizontally to view Favorite Locations

State of the time climate today

State of the time climate today 

Estado del tiempo
The app forecast of the Widget for all days and time: a weather widget simple and easy to use. With it you can obtain meteorological data and clock conveniently in addition to give you information about the local climate, as accurate the highest temperature / lower and the current weather conditions.

The Time 7 days widget is a apps for free with meteorological information for Spain and the rest of the world and it is compatible with any terminal or tablet of any version of Android. Account with a modern design based on material design to see the time quick and easy.


Estado del tiempo

Estado del tiempo
1 – Customize your app with your favorite cities: Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Seville, Bilbao, Malaga, A Coruña and other abroad such as Paris, London, Brussels, Rome, New York… We have more than 20,000 locations (including ski) in Spain and more than 450,000 localities throughout the world!
2 – Uses the search by location WIFI and GPS to find the location nearest to your current position.
3 – Customize your device through our widgets, placed the temperature in the Notifications bar and displays the data in a variety of international formats example: celsius fahrenheit or Kelvin.
4 – download this application and you will have the opportunity to use an app that is between the limited selection with Google integration now, so you can receive cards of the time 14 days in your Google now.


Estado del tiempo
1 – In the screen of prediction daily you can see the current time and the main data of the next 7 days. Browse your localities with a simple slide with your finger and recalls that the app changes color automatically with the temperature.
2 – Choose a day to view the detailed information for hours as the atmospheric pressure, temperature, wind speed and direction, rain, thermal sensation, humidity, sunrise and sunset and even the phases of the moon.
3 – Turn your mobile and checks the evolution of climate with our graph.

Alerts and Notifications

Estado de -tiempo
1 – You can see weather alerts in Spain, France, Germany, Portugal, United Kingdom, Netherlands or Italy.
2 – Account with the option of receiving notifications of daily alerts in the provinces of your locations automatically without having to open the application
3 – Alarm of rain or other weather conditions you want (storms, hail, etc).
4 – Our Wizard will indicate significant changes for the next few days.


Estado del tiempo
1 – Once you have installed the time 7 days widget you can customize the desktop of your terminal or tablet with the widgets more current and you can see the prediction current each hour and the next 5 days.
2 – You can choose between four widgets different: 4×1, 4×2 and 2×2 (widget Analog Clock) and our new widget 4×2 with digital clock and current information.


Estado del tiempo
1 – is available for Spain, France, United Kingdom, Germany, Portugal, Netherlands, Italy, United States, Canada, Mexico, Chile, Argentina, Brazil, Australia, Russia and many more.
2 – Languages: Spanish, French, English, Catalan, Danish, German, Suomi, Norsk , Nederlands, Svenska, Romanian, Turkish, Italian, Português,Russian, Polish…




The name of the app AccuWeather was not chosen lightly. As we develop the ability to make the weather forecasts more successful, we also develop a tag with the name “AccuWeather” our most important product that said with accuracy the time.
Daily, approximately one thousand five hundred million people around the world rely on AccuWeather to help plan your life, protect your business and take better advantage of the day. AccuWeather provides forecasts only in more than 100 languages and dialects with superior accuracy for all locations at the global level and more locations than any other source of time governmental or private.

AccuWeather offers the latest news and information about the time, that include unique features and exclusive such as MinuteCast AccuWeather, a prognosis of precipitation minute to minute during the next two hours hiperlocalizado to the address or location by GPS accurate. This feature provides a summary of 120 minutes that describes the type and intensity of precipitation as well as the start and end time of the precipitation that can affect your location. MinuteCast is available in the following countries: United States, Canada, Sweden, Denmark, United Kingdom, Ireland, Japan, France, Spain, Germany, Belgium, Andorra, Norway, Finland, Estonia, Switzerland, Holland, Luxembourg, Gibraltar, Liechtenstein and neighboring facilities

Stay connected to the latest weather forecast with the information in the time of AccuWeather, that will help you to plan your day. The content includes:
1 – Observations of the current conditions of the time
2 – the weather forecast summarized and extended
3 – Forecasting local / likely in the short term
4 – radar images and satellite lively
5 – Videos
The content varies depending on the location.

Time For Free

Time For Free

weather mas gratis
With the app Time (Weather ) you will have at your disposal the current weather conditions and a forecast to 5 days of all meteorological stations of the world. The information you can see with interesting videos to full screen and in closed circuit for all conditions. All this combined with a Clock Flip and a clock of the world raises its Android to the category of a weather station as never before you’d imagined.


works for all terminals

weather mas gratis


The app Time (Weather ) has a wide range of professional features, among which we have:

1 – Information on the time and the hour of an unlimited number of cities.
2 – Full-screen videos and in closed circuit of the time in the selected region.
3 – Works on Android
4 – Meteorological Information standard such as the state, the description and the temperature.
5 – Information about the wind direction and speed, the humidity, precipitation, pressure and visibility.
6- weather forecast of 3 hours for a total of 5 days.
7 – Move the screen from left to right to change between the selected regions.
8 – Clock Flip with World Clock indicating the time of your current locale and the of the selected location.
9 – Change between Fahrenheit/Miles and Celsius/Kilometers

Device settings:

weather mas gratis
1 – you can manually change the settings of the devices:
2 – Present the clock and the weather forecast hourly and daily
3 – see the hour and the daily weather forecast
4 – To teach only the time
5 – Show a minimum of a device in the background
6 – No devices, Text Only
Time (Weather ) is ideal to become an ally daily in your basic needs related to weather conditions and in this way be able to dramatically improve your connection with nature and its elements.

Weather forecast and Radar

Weather forecast and Radar


The app Weather forecast and Radar is a simple to use powerful weather station. Animated weather radar in real time on a highly interactive and enhanced with alerts for severe weather events map images provide accurate weather forecast. Do not let bad weather take you by surprise!


This beautiful and intuitive app gives you the weather conditions in real time, and provides all the weather information you need: current temperature and wind chill, minimum and maximum of the day, precipitation and moisture information, changes in pressure, speed and wind direction, visibility data and much more. A reliable and accurate weather radar keeps track of recent changes in climate for you to make a safe trip.

Give a quick look at the current weather conditions or go to the next level, takes full advantage of the functionality of the app first category:

1- Weather radar  animated in real time on an interactive terrain map or satellite TV, improved weather warnings and notices which will respond to the needs of the most demanding customers. Rain, snow, gusty or just cloudy … With this app you’ll be prepared for any weather.

2 – Meteorological short (24 hours) and long term (7 days) of any location you choose forecasts.


Customize the weather forecast to your liking.

Choose the information you want to receive: thermal sensation, pressure, humidity, rainfall data. Adds or deletes the time of sunrise and sunset.


Sets the measurement units of your choice:

– Pressure in inches, mm, kPa or mbar.

– Fahrenheit / Celsius and miles / kilometers.

– Wind speed in mph, km / h, m / s, knots or Beaufort.

Simple search locations:

Discover time there in the city where you are or elsewhere in the world. Bookmarked locations will help you to quickly switch between your favorite places and see the weather today or tomorrow to know the prognosis.

Overlay radar data, satellite and rainfall:

Tracking rain and snow in real time or data mixed precipitation and clouds in high resolution and vivid colors.


customizable layers:

Select background maps, the number of frames and adjust the opacity and the speed at which the animation of the layers is repeated.

Weather forecast and Radar is a complete weather station you can have on your Smartphone!

Coverage information:

Radar images are available for USA (continental United States, Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico), Canada, Australia, European Union (United Kingdom, Ireland, Germany, France, Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Liechtenstein, Italy (Western), Denmark (southeast), (Western) Poland, Austria (west) and the Czech Republic) and Japan.

The precipitation map, satellite images and detailed weather information is available worldwide